Sharing cryptocurrency wallet app

Sharing cryptocurrency
Redefining credit

Redefine society by sharing cryptocurrency. More secure backup, fair budget management, more realistic credit score. And we want to eliminate unfair poverty.

App Features

Features of PB Wallet

PB wallet is based on the concept of sharing, but a great experience as a cryptocurrency wallet app. Users can link multiple devices, but the wallet is managed for each device and evaluated on a per-user basis.


Credit score
by sharing

Manage your wallets
like email

Manage by device
Evaluate by user

Payee accounts
multiple addresses

- Wallet
- Payee account

Like "receive@alice.btc", the wallet is represented by "wallet name@user name.cryptocurrency", and you can intuitively understand who created the wallet and what the wallet is used for.

Payee account can have multiple wallets and set payment percentages. Multiple addresses can receive cryptocurrency according to the ratio in one transaction.


Wallet sharing

PB wallet does not have private key import function and backup function. This is because sharing to other devices can provide a safe backup.

Encrypt with device key

Search for the device you want to share and encrypt it with your device key

Encrypt with temporary key

Encrypt with a temporary key using a stateless time limit key generation system

App design


* Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.


PB Wallet does not conduct ICO/STO and does not invested. Currently, we are relying on donations, so if you can empathize with the vision of PB Wallet, thank you for your support.


You can also donate by sharing private key from PB Wallet app. But, wallets shared with other users/devices cannot be shared us.


PB Wallet plans to release open-source secure private key sharing and credit score algorithms and more. Please participate in discussions of these studies.



We also accept advice and support from people who are empathetic to our vision.


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